3rdi are a specialist environmental law consultancy, supporting businesses to demonstrate their  commitment to the environment through sustainable and compliant practices.

We offer specialist advice and guidance on:

Waste management

All businesses generate waste. We can help you understand your duty of care; how waste carriers are licensed; how environmental permits and exemptions work – and when they apply; how to store and handle wastes correctly; how to apply the waste hierarchy to save money; when wastes are hazardous; and much more.

Producer Responsibilty

If you make, import or sell products, you need understand these laws. They cover electrical and electronic goods; goods containing batteries; packaged products and packaging itself; and vehicles.

Chemicals Regulations

Almost all businesses use chemicals, so REACH applies to most businesses, but you may also need to know about storage of chemicals; conflict minerals; or use of chemicals in your supply chain.

Compliance audits.

For your business, or your suppliers. Discover what’s good and what’s not.


Webinars, podcasts, seminars and workshops, public or bespoke.