Circular Economy – EU Consultation opens

Following the withdrawal of EU proposals for a circular economy strategy last year after fierce criticism that the strategy was too narrowly focused on waste management, the European Commission has now opened a consultation on revised proposals. The consultation specifically looks at potential barriers to developing a circular economy and asks for suggestions to overcome these barriers. A circular economy is seen as the key to ensuring greater resource efficiency and it is hoped that introducing specific legislation within the … Continued

First 2015 packaging obligation figures published

The figures returned by companies registering as producers under the packaging waste regulations have been published. Although the figures are likely to increase (only 6,665 companies are included in the data, although 6,905 companies were registered in 2014) early indications are that most material tonnages are fairly stable. However, due to changes in quality protocols and in reprocessing capacity in the UK, it is widely expected that Aluminium may be a material of concern. There is currently an 8,000 tonne deficit in Aluminium PRNs and … Continued

UK Government told to do more to combat air pollution

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Government must devise and implement a new plan to combat air pollution, particularly that caused by vehicles using diesel fuels. The ruling comes in the form of a mandatory order, an unusual step taken because the forthcoming general election creates uncertainty about who could guarantee to make the necessary changes, and is the result of a drawn out action originally brought by ClientEarth in 2011. The original submission argued that the UK plans, … Continued