UK response to Circular Economy consultation published

Last week, Defra published two responses made, on behalf of the UK Government, to the EU consultation on the circular economy. The first response covered two aspects of the circular economy reviews – the main public consultation and the consultation on the functioning of waste markets – and states that any action, which the UK believe could improve environmental protection across Europe, must ‘respect the principles of subsidiarity, better regulation and national decision making’. This approach clearly supports the growing move within UK policy … Continued

New sentencing guidelines published

Following on from the 2014 publication of sentencing guidelines for environmental offences, the Sentencing Council yesterday (3 November 2015) published new guidelines to help courts deal with offences under Heath and Safety, Corporate Manslaughter, and Food Safety and Hygiene regimes. There has been longstanding criticism that penalties do not fit the crimes they are seeking to redress and that, accordingly, the deterrent factor is not high enough to effect a change in attitudes or behaviours. Part of the reasoning behind … Continued

Remember, remember the 5th of November

is NOT for burning any old rubbish! The Environment Agency have issued their annual reminder that bonfires may be fun but should not be used for illegal waste disposal. Each year at this time, thousands or tens of thousands of bonfires are lit across the country. However, you may not be aware that you may face a fine of between £5,00 and £50,000 if you burn the wrong materials on yours. Bonfires can cause not only pollution but also, due to smoke … Continued

Record Enforcement Undertaking accepted

The Environment Agency has accepted its largest enforcement undertaking to date – from HiPP UK – in respect of packaging waste breaches. Acknowledging it’s non-compliance with the regulations, HiPP offered payments totalling £414,960 to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, the Woodland Trust and the Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust. Enforcement undertakings (EU) offer an alternative to prosecution for companies who become aware that they are not complying with a small number of regulations and wish to correct this as soon as possible. … Continued