Brexit – So we are leaving the EU… what happens now?

Brexit is a reality; the general populace has voted to leave the EU and so, whichever side of the debate you were on initially, we must now all work together to adapt to a new status for the UK, which may or may not fracture. It is time, once more, to rollout the war time advice of ‘keep calm and carry on’. Keep Calm… Now is not the time for knee-jerk reactions. LIttle will change permanently overnight. There will, of … Continued

Energy labels need to be easier to understand

Improving the energy efficiency of household appliances makes good sense, domestically it reduces your household bills and globally it reduces energy use and, depending on the appliance, environmentally damaging emissions. It would help then if consumers could easily see which appliances were energy efficient. Energy labels were first introduced (by EU mandate it should be noted) in 1994 on a simple A-G scale, with G being the least efficient and A the most. However, as manufacturers responded competitively, it was … Continued

Waste crime punished with Criminal Behaviour Order

A Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) has been used, apparently for the first time in this application, to prevent waste crime. Taunton Crown Court awarded the order, along with a 150 hour community service order and financial penalty of £2,500 towards costs, against a builder convicted of transporting, depositing and transferring waste illegally in Somerset. Whilst this sentence may seem, at first glance, to be quite lenient, in fact the reverse is true. A CBO one of the sanctions set out … Continued

Used Catalytic Converters – Changes to waste requirements

In February this year, the Environment Agency announced changes to the regulatory position on the handling, storage and treatment of used catalytic converters (cats). The changes came about because of the presence of a hazardous material in some cats and the difficulties in determining which cats contained this material (RCF matting) and which didn’t. Accordingly, all cats are now classified as hazardous (with waste code 16 01 21*) unless it can be proven that the RCF matting is not present. … Continued