ESOS update – non-compliant companies under investigation

An ESOS enforcement team has been set up by the Environment Agency and the other regional regulators to investigate an estimated 1,700 companies that are believed to be obligated, but do not appear on the dataset updated yesterday (26/07/2016). As outlined in a previous post, the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme came into force two years ago, but despite a number of deadline extensions, significant numbers of companies do not appear to have notified the regulators that have either carried out … Continued

UK Environmental Protection Bill

Geraint Davies, MP for Swansea West and Member of the Environmental Audit Committee,. yesterday presented a private members bill to the House of Commons. Because this is a first reading, there is not text available yet, but the Parliament website states that the bill (UK Environmental Protection (Maintenance of EU Standards) Bill 2016-17) aims to make provision for ensuring that UK environmental protection legislation, based on EU texts, is safeguarded once the UK exits the EU. This provision is vitally … Continued