ecosurety leading the way on transparency in the UK PRN market

Last night, leading compliance scheme ecosurety launched a new web platform intended to revolutionise the UK PRN market. The Producer Responsiblity system for packaging waste in the UK requires obligated producers – companies with a UK turnover of more than 2 million who also handled 50 tonnes of more of packaging in the last year – to calculate the packaging they handled, report this to the Government each year and then support the recycling and/or recovery of  a proportionate amount … Continued

House of Commons Replies to the Environmental Audit Committee

Further to the publication in April this year of the Environmental Audit Committee’s report on the EU and UK Environmental Policy, the Government have now published their response to coincide with the appearance of Therese Coffey (Resource Minister) and Robin Walker (Minister with the Department for Exiting the EU) before the same committee in session. The government response is, understandably at this relatively early stage, fairly short, just ten points over two pages and, accordingly, lacking in depth. It does, … Continued

Duty of Care obligations not being met by too many businesses

A recent study for the Environmental Services Association (ESA) has found that nearly half of the SMEs surveyed were not fully compliant with duty of care requirements imposed by the Environment Protection Act, despite trying to manage their waste correctly. Earlier research had suggested that more than half of all businesses in the UK were in default. As part of the ‘Right Waste, Right Place’ campaign, the ESA comissioned a survey of more than 1000 UK businesses, but were not … Continued