Online consultation on Oxford Flood Alleviation scheme opens

With an estimated 4,500 homes in Oxford at risk of flooding each year, along with major roads, railway lines, schools and businesses, the 2016 announcement of a Flood Alleviation Scheme was very welcome news. A number of events were held in May to allow the public access to information about the scheme and now the online consultation has been launched. The consultation runs until 20 July 2017 and asks for your views about the scheme in general and, specifically, some … Continued

The EU Conflict Minerals Regulation – will it affect your business?

Overview Conflict minerals are linked to human rights abuses and armed conflict in some parts of the world. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has long been working to improve sourcing of these materials to ‘help companies respect human rights and avoid contributing to conflict through their mineral sourcing practices’.[1] In support of this work, on Friday 19th May 2017, the long awaited EU Conflict Minerals Regulation[2] was published. The majority of the obligations arising come into force … Continued

New Secretary of State for the Environment

Michael Gove has replaced Andrea Leadsom as Secretary of State for the Environment (SoS). Gove has previously called himself a ‘shy green’. it is to be hoped that he becomes more outgoing – and quickly. Brexit presents many challenges to many areas of life in the UK. Whilst immigration, economics and trade are all very much in the public consciousness, this is less true of environmental concerns. Nevertheless, Brexit presents a unique opportunity for the UK to take great strides … Continued