ecosurety leading the way on transparency in the UK PRN market

Last night, leading compliance scheme ecosurety launched a new web platform intended to revolutionise the UK PRN market. The Producer Responsiblity system for packaging waste in the UK requires obligated producers – companies with a UK turnover of more than 2 million who also handled 50 tonnes of more of packaging in the last year – to calculate the packaging they handled, report this to the Government each year and then support the recycling and/or recovery of  a proportionate amount … Continued

Packaging material figures for Quarter 1 on target

Quarter one figures released this week show that material specific recycling is on target so far this year. The figures, released on the National Packaging Waste Database, show that of the just over 7 million tonnes of waste needed to meet national obligations for recovery and recycling, almost 2 tonnes had been processed according to returns made by the end of the quarter. The figures are always somewhat imprecise at this time of the year as not all producers have … Continued

Record Enforcement Undertaking accepted

The Environment Agency has accepted its largest enforcement undertaking to date – from HiPP UK – in respect of packaging waste breaches. Acknowledging it’s non-compliance with the regulations, HiPP offered payments totalling £414,960 to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, the Woodland Trust and the Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust. Enforcement undertakings (EU) offer an alternative to prosecution for companies who become aware that they are not complying with a small number of regulations and wish to correct this as soon as possible. … Continued

Provisional Q3 packaging data published

Quarter three packaging figures have been published on the National Packaging Waste Database site. As is often the case, the figures are, at this stage, provisional as not all returns have been made and the reports will be updated as necessary until Mid-November when the monthly analysis of the figures will be published. Paper has performed as expected and the figures show that the 2015 requirement has already been exceeded. However, the other materials, and overall recovery and recycling, are … Continued

First 2015 packaging obligation figures published

The figures returned by companies registering as producers under the packaging waste regulations have been published. Although the figures are likely to increase (only 6,665 companies are included in the data, although 6,905 companies were registered in 2014) early indications are that most material tonnages are fairly stable. However, due to changes in quality protocols and in reprocessing capacity in the UK, it is widely expected that Aluminium may be a material of concern. There is currently an 8,000 tonne deficit in Aluminium PRNs and … Continued

First quarter packaging waste recycling/recovery figures released

Interim recycling/recovery figures for the first quarter of 2015 have been released by the Environment Agency. The figures show that although recycling/recovery targets for glass, aluminium, plastic and energy from waste were not met, paper, wood and steel all exceeded targets. James Piper, Commercial Director at Ecosurety, stated that the figures were “great news for producers”, not least because there is now an expectation that PRN prices should be not need to rise steeply over coming months.