Duty of Care obligations not being met by too many businesses

A recent study for the Environmental Services Association (ESA) has found that nearly half of the SMEs surveyed were not fully compliant with duty of care requirements imposed by the Environment Protection Act, despite trying to manage their waste correctly. Earlier research had suggested that more than half of all businesses in the UK were in default. As part of the ‘Right Waste, Right Place’ campaign, the ESA comissioned a survey of more than 1000 UK businesses, but were not … Continued

Code of practice consultation – Duty of Care

DEFRA have opened a consultation on a revised Code of Practice (CoP) regarding the Duty of Care in relation to waste. The consultation, which opens today on the Consultation Hub runs until 21 September 2015 and is seeking stakeholder views several areas. The first section (questions 1-4) of the consultation asks for views on whether the CoP clearly sets out the scope, legal requirements and applicable timescales of Duty of care, with space for supporting comments. Questions 5 and 6 relate … Continued

First quarter packaging waste recycling/recovery figures released

Interim recycling/recovery figures for the first quarter of 2015 have been released by the Environment Agency. The figures show that although recycling/recovery targets for glass, aluminium, plastic and energy from waste were not met, paper, wood and steel all exceeded targets. James Piper, Commercial Director at Ecosurety, stated that the figures were “great news for producers”, not least because there is now an expectation that PRN prices should be not need to rise steeply over coming months.