Do you know how compliant you are?

As Donald Rumsfeldt once famously said, “…there are known knowns…there are known unknowns…[and]…there are unknown unknowns”. Our compliance audit lets you know where you are compliant and where there are gaps in your compliance. It can help you:

  • enhance your reputation: by demonstrating your commitment to all stakeholders, you reassure enforcement agencies, your suppliers and your customers that you are up to date with the latest best practice and help your workforce know that you view the environment as important;
  • improve your environmental performance: once you know where any gaps are, you can prioritise compliance actions and identify opportunities to go a little bit further, even ‘future-proofing’ your company against changes about to happen or lobbying for changes you want;
  • reduce overheads: compliant companies can benefit from reduced permit costs, reduced agency interventions, improved profits through lower waste costs, even better insurance premiums in some high risk businesses and you know you won’t be fined for non-compliance.

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