Protecting your investment

Legal due diligence takes a number of very important factors into consideration including, for example, rights to intellectual property, contaminated land issues, property rights, employment rights and any anticipated or extant litigation. However, very few legal due diligence processes consider environmental compliance and this can be costly. For example, did you know that buying an additional business can push your existing business over thresholds for some producer responsibility laws – or that entering into a franchise agreement can make you responsible for the franchisees obligations?

3rdi can provide additional, ad hoc support to your due diligence team, carrying out environmental due diligence with or without producing a full legal register of relevant legislation, the current state of compliance and any steps needed to achieve or maintain compliance. Our services are often able to be ‘fixed fee’, giving you double peace of mind.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you ensure that your investment is protected from environmental compliance issues.