Why audit your supply chain?

Reassurance! Sometimes you need to know where your raw materials come from, or where your waste or waste from your finished goods end up and whilst trust is an essential component of any good working relationship, it isn’t always enough.

For example, you may need to report back to your board of Directors, or to an overseas parent board, on the safe disposal of your hazardous waste. An independent, third party audit, carried out by auditing professionals, can provide a little extra security.

Alternatively, you may have heard worrying rumours about the provenance of some of your raw materials. A third party auditor can investigate these on your behalf without prejudice to either of you or damage to your commercial relationship.

Furthermore, with regulatory changes happening all the time, you might need the reassurance of knowing that your suppliers and distributors are keeping up to date with current legislation, particularly in respect of materials restrictions, for example.

In a world where having an evidence pack is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity, our supply chain compliance auditing services can provide a little extra piece of mind and independent verification of your due diligence should need it.