Legal Register

Environmental Management Systems (or EMS) are frequently used in business to support better environmental performance. Most, although not all, EMS are assessed against ISO 14001. A revised standard was published in September 2015. A significant feature of the revision is the need for businesses (and auditors) to pay greater attention to the register of impacts and aspects, part of which is reliant on a comprehensive register of business requirements. These requirements can come from the law, from your customers, from your suppliers and from other stakeholders.

3rdi can help you create a comprehensive and accurate register of environmental legal requirements applicable to your business. We review all the relevant legal instruments that affect your business operations, creating a gap analysis using a ‘traffic light’ system. You will not only have an up to date legal register, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that every environmental law has been considered, which laws apply to your operations, how they apply and whether or not your company is compliant. If you are not, we will provide advice on how you can achieve compliance quickly and cost-effectively and can often recommend partners to help you manage that compliance on an ongoing basis.

With environmental enforcement becoming more widespread, can you afford to not know what your business is required to do?