First steps towards compliance.

Getting started with environmental compliance can seem daunting – but not with specialist advice. We can help you prioritise the compliance needs of your business so that you get the best results for the time and resources available.

Waste Management.

Image of recycling binsThis area is a good place to start – all businesses are affected by these regulations. You need to know about:

We can help you work out what applies to you, and how, and show you the easiest way to get started with waste compliance.

Producer Responsibility.

If you manufacture or import products – especially electrical or electronic equipment – or if you sell products, then you need to know about producer responsibility laws. These laws set out the duties on producers (and sometimes distributors) with regards to packaging around products, markings on products and thresholds for certain substances in products. We can unravel the complexities of:

Chemicals Regulations.Image of chemicals in glass containers

Many businesses are not aware that they use chemicals, but almost all do. We can help you identify the chemicals you use, and the actions you must take to become compliant. You need to know about:

  • Storage of chemicals
  • Chemicals in the supply chain
  • Conflict Minerals