House of Commons Replies to the Environmental Audit Committee

Further to the publication in April this year of the Environmental Audit Committee’s report on the EU and UK Environmental Policy, the Government have now published their response to coincide with the appearance of Therese Coffey (Resource Minister) and Robin Walker (Minister with the Department for Exiting the EU) before the same committee in session.

The government response is, understandably at this relatively early stage, fairly short, just ten points over two pages and, accordingly, lacking in depth. It does, however, confirm the current intention (at Government level) to ‘leave the natural environment of England in a better state than that in which we found it’, and specifically mentions CITES – an international treaty it must be noted – and climate change as issues it will continue to support. There is only vague reference to other issues and these are generally in the sense of pointing out ‘high-profile successes’, past rather than future plans.

It is, as noted, early days yet for Brexit and so it is reasonable that no firm details are given. It remains to be see whether more information will be forthcoming in the Ministerial evidence before the committee, sitting in London this afternoon.

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