Sometimes, you might need to know what the law is in different places. Perhaps your company operates in more than one of the UK devolved administrations, or in more than one EU Member State, or perhaps in a European country that is not part of the EU?

You may not be aware that, even with in the UK, different laws can apply for the same legal area and it is vital that you comply correctly wherever you are based. We can help you understand the differing laws in each of these areas:

Map showing the different legal administrations in the UK

Environmental law throughout the UK

Different regions in the UK can have different laws, even in the same area. For instance, in England and Wales, there is a requirement for paper, plastic and glass to be collected separately – an obligation on waste collectors. In Scotland, those same materials must be separated at source by the company producing them – a very different requirement.

If you have a centralised legal department – probably based in your head office – are they aware of these regional differences? If not, we can help. We can provide specific advice for each of your branches on the regulations that matter most to you on each site.

Environmental law throughout the European UnionMap showing all the members of the EU

Not all European law is applied the same in every Member State. Much of the law passed down from the European Parliament is in the form of Directives, meaning that each country must create its own national law to implement it. Accordingly, just as different UK regions can have different laws covering the same area, the same is true for European Union Member States. In some countries, for example Spain, this is further complicated by the fact that the autonomous regions can also have their own additional requirements to the national law.

We can provide specific guidance for each Member State in which you operate, with regional variations where appropriate.

Map showing the countries within the European Economic Area

Environmental law throughout the European Economic Area

Similarly, many European countries outside of the European Union comply with aspects of EU law, but may apply it differently. Norway, for example, operate packaging, batteries, waste electrical and electronic equipment and chemicals regimes based on the EU Directives for these areas, although many of the regimes are voluntary rather than compulsory.

We can help you determine what you need to do in each area and thus ensure that you do not fall foul of any differences in obligation across your European trading area.