Does your business practice waste management or just waste disposal?

Waste management is big business and much more than just putting rubbish into the bins for collection. Not only are there things you must do as a business, there are many things you could do to manage your waste effectively.

For instance, do you know and apply the waste hierarchy in your business? Do you have the right licenses and permits (or exemptions) in place to deal with waste you produce? Do you understand what constitutes hazardous waste – many business owners don’t and ‘innocently’ break the law. We can help you with these, and many other aspects of waste management. The following sections will give you more information about some of the key requirements.

Duty of Care

Duty of care requirements set out what waste producers must do to protect the environment from harm as much as possible. They apply across the UK, although there are some slight regional differences in what needs to be done created by the way the devolved administrations have chosen to implement the laws.

If you produce, store, move, treat or dispose of waste as part of your business, you must comply with the duty of care requirements. You can read more here.

Handling and storage of waste

Most general wastes can be handled with no special attention, but some need special equipment and others need staff to have special training in order to handle them – and it’s not always obvious. Similarly, many wastes can be put into your waste collection bins without any further thought – but not all. Do you which are which? Find out more here.

 Do you ever carry waste?

Prior to 2014, businesses carrying their own waste did not need a licence  but in 2014, the law about waste carrier licenses changed and, since 1 January 2014, anyone who carries waste, including their own, during their business activities must hold a waste carriers license.  Find out whether you need a license, and which type, here.

Waste Exports and Imports

Did you know that exporting waste for disposal is illegal unless there is no viable option in the UK? If you export waste, are you sure of where it is going? What about importing waste to disposal, reuse or recyling in the UK? You can learn more about transfrontier shipments of waste here.