Handling of waste

Most general wastes can be handled with no special attention, but some need special equipment and others need staff to have special training in order to handle them – and it’s not always obvious.

Did you know, for example, that mixed waste batteries – for instance collected in a local store – should not be sorted and must only be moved in special containers? This is because some batteries are considered to be hazardous and staff won’t always know what batteries have been put in the collection containers. So to keep everyone safe, all batteries in this situation are treated, for handling purposes, as hazardous wastes.

Additionally, as an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have assessed the risks of waste handling for your staff and provided them with any training or protective equipment they need to keep them safe.

We can help you identify and assess risks and advise you on what you need to do to achieve, and maintain, compliance – even if the law changes.

Storage of waste

Most wastes can be put into your waste collection bins without any further thought – but not all. Do you which are which?

Some materials can’t go into normal collections – like electrical or electronic equipment and batteries – and some can only be stored if you keep them in special containers – like gas canisters – or under special conditions, as is the case with oil drums over 200 litres.

Additionally, you might need a licence or permit to keep certain amounts of waste on your site prior to collection. Whilst this is not normally an issue for most businesses, it might apply to you if you bring waste back from more than one site to ‘bulk’ up before baling for recycling for example. You might also need to register an exemption if you carry out an activity that is deemed to be waste treatment – like shredding cardboard.

We can help you make sure you understand the rules and help you put systems in place to keep to them.

Talk to us today to see whether you have waste handling and storage covered. Ten minutes with us might save you hours with an Agency officer!