Using Diji Message HD couldn’t be easier. Simply choose the message template you like, then personalize it by writing your own custom message presentable in a range of different colour schemes, fonts and sizes adding a personal touch to your message. Once your happy all you need to do is enter the email of the recipient or select them from your friends list on Facebook or Twitter, click send and your done! Simple!

Single Message can be used again and again as many times as you like at no extra cost, allowing you to send messages to all your friends and family all year round!

All our artwork is 100% original and has been painstakingly designed and developed by our team of dedicated artists to ensure every design is completely unique. There are 10 free designs that come complimentary with the app, with 40 different packs available for purchase. What’s more with a continuous stream of new content being consistently released you can rest safe in the knowledge that Diji Invites HD really is your one stop shop for digital Messages.

So whether you need a quick solution for organizing the big party or simply want an easy way to invite to all your friends to your birthday it’s easy with Diji Message HD!

A full list of all 40 different themed card packs within Diji Messages HD is displayed below, please note new packs **:


Assorted I

Assorted II

Assorted III

Assorted IV

Assorted IX

Assorted V

Assorted VI

Assorted VII

Assorted VIII

Assorted X

Assorted XI

Assorted XII

Christmas I

Christmas II

Christmas III**

Christmas IV

Christmas V

Christmas VI

Easter I

Engagement I

Good Luck**


Halloween I**


New Baby I

New Baby II**

New Year I

Party I

Party II

Party III

Party IV


Diji Message HD

Valentine I**

Valentine II**

Valentine III**

Valentine IV**

We Have Moved**



Well Done**

** New Packs

Please note that these packs are not included in the purchased App, and need to be purchased separately if required.

Full version includes:

1- 10 complimentary cards.

2- Ability to :

a) Email.

b) Post on Facebook wall.

c) Post on Twitter

d) Save your Message to Photo Album.

e) Print.

3- Ability to purchase all the above packs.

4- No adverts.

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